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Welcome to Choosing Change, a provider of neurodiversity-affirming support for ADHD adults and the parents of ADHD kids. We offer personal counselling via Telehealth and onsite at Chadstone (Melbourne), as well as online online group programs, Australia wide. 

Choosing Change can help you bridge the gap between the medical language of disorder and deficit, to help you move forward understanding how to support your ADHD brain (or ADHD child). You’ll be guided by a counsellor or coach with mental health expertise and lived experience of ADHD, who has made the same journey that you’re on through diagnosis and towards a life where ADHD is affirmed and supported.

We are the creators of the Making Sense of ADHD program series. These accessible, informative and supportive online groups help people with a new diagnosis for themselves or their child answer the question “What next?” 

Special offer: We have limited spaces left in our Making Sense of Adult ADHD beta program, which commences Saturday 5 August. This 6-week online program is delivered live, and beta participants will pay just $140, a 50% discount on the full price. Visit our Services page for more information.

Headshot of Sarah Stokely, who has a light haired bobbed haircut and a grey and black striped top.
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Headshot of Sarah Stokely, who has a light haired bobbed haircut and a grey and black striped top.

About us

Choosing Change supports individuals and families starting the journey towards understanding what an ADHD diagnosis means for them. Whether you are sitting on a waiting list for assessment, or have received an official diagnosis, Choosing Change programs have been designed to help you move forward to your best ADHD life.

It can be difficult – and disheartening! – to try to translate what an ADHD diagnosis means for yourself, or your child. It can feel like you’ve been given a list of things that are wrong with you, or your kid, without a lot of guidance about where to turn next. Choosing Change programs are designed to answer the “what next?” question, and help you write the operating manual for *your* ADHD brain. And your kid’s ADHD brain.

Choosing Change takes a different approach to how we talk about ADHD, and the expectations we hold for you as an adult or parent of a child with ADHD. We can say, hand on heart, that we get it. Because we are ADHDers too. We make the new-to-ADHD-diagnosis learning journey human, because we are ADHD humans.

Choosing Change aims to instill acceptance, hope and humanity into the way we as a community speak about ADHD and neurodivergence. The way we think about ourselves as adults with ADHD. The way we think about and speak to our ADHD kids. This is what we mean we we say we are neurodiversity affirming.



Personal counselling for adults via telehealth or in person at our counselling space in Chadstone (Melbourne).
Specialties include: Managing life transitions, healing from difficult relationships, thriving with ADHD/neurodivergence.

Telephone: 0449 516 531.
Book online: Choosing Change booking page.

Parent coaching for parents of ADHD/neurodivergent. One on one support for parents, provided by a neurodivergent and neurodiversity-affirming coach.

Making Sense of Adult ADHD, our online group program, will launch in September, 2023.

Sarah Stokely

“My mission is to make sure we don’t have another ‘lost generation’ of undiagnosed and unsupported kids with ADHD, and for all kids to know what neurodiversity affirming families and schools feels like.

Renesmee Thomas

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Rehaan Whitfield

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Why Choose Us

Choosing Change is different… here’s why.

Our services and programs are built with ADHD and neurodiversity in mind.

We believe neuro-affirming parenting and teaching will transform the world for ADHD kids.

Our clinical expertise is paired with lived experience of ADHD. 


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